Serving saints who train the young generation to know God, and equip them for world transformation.
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Youth With A Mission Kona is the largest YWAM missions campus in the world with thousands of staff and student missionaries every year.

With a passion for young people finding their long term call in missions, the leadership wanted their digital presence to align with their vision and values.

Having found the common ground and partnering with Data Imagery, we started to develop a new logo, visual identity and the website. From the get-go, the project was a great challenge that we readily embraced.

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Visual Language

Merging two different streams of ministry: one being a university and the other being a missions organization, we developed a logo, brand and a comprehensive visual language that enabled flexibility for all the different ministry expressions while giving a sense of unity in diversity.

Variable Typography

Using the latest variable typography technology, we created an adaptive system for the courses and training identities using one single typeface: GT Flexa.

YWAM Kona Website

We designed and built an interactive website using the latest typographic technology, built a comprehensive CMS (Content Management System), making it easy for the YWAM Kona communications team to keep the website fresh and be able to make changes with ease.

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